My Little GTHO

Posted in Poems on June 5, 2018 by David Formanek

My Little GTHO

(The reader will strike poses in the form of the alphabet letters.)


We’re going down

an anguished alley.

An atrocious avenue

brutal bridge

banal byway

creepy cab ride

creaky cable car

cascading canal

catastrophic caravan

cracking causeway

caustic culvert

a deadly detour

an excoriating expressway

fraught freeway

fraying funicular

gruesome garage

grievous grade

a horrible highway

an impassable interstate

joyless journey

jeopardous joyride

killing kilometer

lurid lane

litigious light rail

messy mews

mephitic metro

negating network

onerous overpass

precarious parkway.





owes its origin


President Obama,


warned us about

a perilous path.


A Procrustean parking lot

quarrelsome queue

rusting railroad

rocky road

roisterous rotary

slippery slope

sorrowful street

sordid subway

tricky towpath

treacherous trail

truculent trolleycar

terrifying tunnel

an ugly underpass

an ungodly U-turn

a vicious viaduct

worrisome walkway

woeful wagontrail

X-rated crossing

yawing wye

zig-zagging zipline.


© David J Formanek 2017-18


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